This meditation has the fourth part of Dr. Joe Dispenza´s 4-step meditation program added to it, as written in Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. All the below text is taken from the book.


From a state of gratitude, be one with your destiny from a new state of mind and body. Give thanks for a new life… Feel how you will feel when these things manifest in your life, because living in a state of gratitude is living in a state of receivership. Feel like your prayers are already answered… 


You can’t create a new personal reality while you are still being the old personality. You have to become someone else. Give up trying to figure out how or when or where or with whom. Leave those details to a mind that knows so much more than you do.

In order for a new experience in reality to happen to you, you have to match your behaviour with your goal; you align your thoughts and your deeds. When you are physically “being one with the future you in the now moment” that you dreamed about, you will experience the bounty of a new reality. There will be a response from a greater order. And when you can connect your inner world with the effects in the outer world, you are now “causing an effect” instead of living by cause and effect. You are creating reality.

Remember that when you get up from your meditation, if you did it properly, you will advance from thinking to being. The greatest habit you will ever break is the habit of being yourself, and the greatest habit you will ever create is the habit of expressing the divine through you. That is when you inhabit your true nature and identity. It is to inhabit self.