Last month, Funga released the Water-Rising Induction. The video below has added a second part to that meditation. In total, there will be four parts.

“During Week Two, it’s time to add three steps in pruning away the habit of being yourself: recognizing, then admitting and declaring, followed by surrendering.” (text from here)

During the meditation, I purposely added silences where you need to insert the emotion you want to unmemorize. This can be anything from fear and insecurity to sadness and resentment. You chose what part of yourself you would like to liberate from this limiting feeling.

“Ask the universal consciousness to take this part of you and reorganize it into something greater. Joyously give up the emotion you want to let go of to a more expanded mind, and know that it will do this for you. When your will matches its will, when your mind matches its mind, and when your love of self matches its love for you … it answers the call. When you feel joy or live in a state of joy, you have already accepted the future outcome that you want as reality.

Remember to give thanks ahead of the manifestation. Thankfulness is the supreme state of receivership.” (text by Joe Dispenza from here)


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