The UC Berkeley Center for the Science of Psychedelics (BCSP) is an academic center focused on psychedelic research, training, and public education. Founded in September of 2020, the center is overseen by a multidisciplinary group of UC Berkeley faculty and entirely funded through the generosity of donors.

BCSP works to improve health and well-being for all through culturally informed psychedelic research; psychedelic facilitation training for religious, spiritual-care, and health-care professionals; and accessible, accurate, and reliable public education.




The BCSP spans five main focus areas:

  • The public education and journalism program produces evidence-based, objective journalism, discussions, and courses about psychedelics through reporting fellowships, online classes, and publicly accessible resources
  • The research program employs psychedelics to better understand fundamental properties of the mind, brain, and body.
  • The training program offers a certificate in psychedelic facilitation that prepares professionals working in a variety of fields to include psychedelics in their work.
  • BCSP is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion across all of our programs. They will engage with a diverse array of leaders to help us understand the many perspectives on psychedelics and to help foster access and opportunity in our work.
  • BCSP also strives to honor the Indigenous principle of reciprocity. They recognize our interconnectedness with multiple social and cultural communities and aim to give back to the long-standing communities that have served as stewards of plant and fungal medicines.


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