Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA

“The Jungian psychologist James Hollis told me how he defines a healthy ego. He said it is the ability to tolerate the three A´s – Ambiguity, Ambivalence, and Anxiety.”

– Brian James 


Below, I have featured one of my favorite psychedelic-themed podcast conversations I have ever heard. The podcast is led by Jason Grechanik, who is interviewing Brian James and Adam Aronovich.



All three speakers met while working together at an ayahuasca retreat in the Peruvian Amazon. They touch on more mainstream narratives that are happening in the psychedelic and plant-medicine movements, namely the psychologizing of the plant-medicine world and the over-emphasis on trauma. Brian termed the term “traumadelic,” a part of the podcast I found particularly interesting, especially when they reference their experience with Gabor Mate.
While both of these topics have validity, importance, and a place in this work, they are only a part, and an overemphasis on both can create downstream problems that many don’t consider.

Another highlight of the conversation revolves around Indigenous Reciprocity and the fine line between cultural appropriation and appreciation. After listening to this episode, I was inspired to reach out to Adam and convince him also to be a guest on the Funga Podcast (Season 2). I learned so much from listening to their debate, so it was a particularly important podcast to share. I hope it is as educational and interesting to you as it was for me.