I recently came across the below podcast episode featuring the foremost psychedelic investor to date, Christian Angermayer and could not recommend it more! His remarkable optimism and infectious positivity philosophy could greatly benefit many of us.

Christian has significantly contributed to various industries, including space tech, fintech, biotech, and crypto. Throughout his career, Christian has founded, co-founded, and invested in numerous successful companies, raising approximately USD 2.5 billion for his portfolio companies. Through his biotech companies, ATAI Life Sciences and Compass Pathways, Christian aims to improve people’s well-being by developing solutions for those suffering from depression, anxiety, and addiction. ATAI and Compas are focused on reintroducing formerly stigmatized drugs like psychedelics into the legal realm to provide relief for millions of individuals.


Christian Angemayer


What I loved about this episode is that it is excellent for anyone new to the world of psychedelics and who wants to learn more, but it is equally valuable for people who are more involved. There is truly something for everyone, and it is explained in a very relatable way. Below, I have highlighted two parts that I find particularly helpful reminders.

  • Things will come at the right time in life and we shouldn’t waste energy worrying or trying to rush certain processes.
  • Christian argues that faith, purpose and love are the three most important aspects that need to be fulfilled to live a happy life. Psychedelics can help with that since they “give you faith (spirituality), they give you purpose because you realize the purpose lies within you and they give you love that makes you aware of the value of connection.”