“Like morning pages, artist dates are an active form of meditation.”

– The Artist’s Way   


The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Pathway to Higher Creativity is a book and a creative methodology developed by Julia Cameron. It’s designed to help individuals nurture their creativity, overcome creative blocks, and unleash their artistic potential. The book is structured as a 12-week program, divided into chapters corresponding to each week.

I had heard repeatedly about people doing this program and having incredible results. As I was going through quite a transitory moment at the start of the new year, I felt it was the perfect time to embark on this project, as I really wanted a reason to incorporate journaling into my daily practice.

Central to the book is the concept of “morning pages.” Cameron suggests that individuals engage in a daily practice of writing three pages of longhand, stream-of-consciousness writing every morning. This exercise is meant to clear the mind of clutter, silence the inner critic, and tap into the subconscious, thereby freeing up creative energy. Personally, I was going through a difficult moment in my relationship, with a million thoughts and anxieties in my mind.The practice of doing the morning pages allowed me not only to organise these voices but also gave me perspective on how I was actually feeling. I credit my strength and clarity about my circumstances to the act of creative writing.



Another key component of the program is the “artist date.” Cameron encourages readers to set aside time each week for a solo excursion or activity that nourishes their creative spirit. This could involve visiting an art gallery, taking a walk in a beautiful park, attending a concert, taking a photography course, going to a lecture or engaging in any other activity that sparks joy and inspiration. The important part is doing it solo. Admittedly, I could have taken these more seriously as they definitely lead to the fulfillment of creative dreams, but as I plan to do this 12-week program multiple times more, it is something I will remember for the next go.


It pays to think of the artist date as one half “artist” and one half  “date.” We are out to woo our own consciousness. 


Throughout the book, Cameron also explores various tools and techniques to help individuals break through creative barriers, such as negative self-talk, fear of failure, and perfectionism. She emphasizes the importance of self-care, self-compassion, and cultivating a sense of playfulness and curiosity in the creative process.

The Artist’s Way has gained widespread popularity and has been embraced by artists, writers, musicians, and people from all walks of life seeking to reconnect with their creativity. Many credit the book with helping them overcome creative blocks, rediscover their passion for art, and lead more fulfilling and authentic lives. I truly could not recommend it more!



The great acting coach Michael Chekhov advised his students,

“If you want to work on your art, work on your life.”