In 2018, I went on one of my life’s most transformational and incredible trips. Spontaneously, I decided to join a friend for a few weeks on his travels in Indonesia. A few months before that, he had had a very powerful experience with a plant medicine and decided to restructure his whole life. He decided to take a year and travel, making a home in Bali. I knew I would be in good hands with him, as he had already spent much time in Indonesia, and so was able to show me around in the best possible way.



We took a propeller plane from Bali to Sumba a few days after my arrival. “Sumba is known as the “Forgotten Island” of Indonesia. A well-kept secret amongst surfers and adventurers.”

When I went, the only luxurious hotel on the island was the Nihi Hotel, especially sought by surfers. The rest of the island was very simple and untouched, inhabited mainly by locals. We spent our first night in a shack on the beach hosted by a strange but lovely French couple who had settled in Sumba many years beforehand.






Bright and early the next day, we got into our Iron Cruiser and crossed the whole island, as my friend wanted to get to a very special place. On the way, we made some pitstops that included a beautiful waterfall and a typical Sumbese village.



It took us a little longer than expected …







The following morning, we made our way to the extraordinary place my friend had been so excited to explore – Weekuri Lake. It was there that I had my most impactful psychedelic experience to date. For me, that moment marks a before and after in my personal searches. I could not think of a more special place to share on Funga.