Funga is a digital platform dedicated to creating and communicating valuable content related to the realm of psychedelics and wellbeing, aiming to contribute to the global movement that embraces their innate healing capacities.

The platform’s objective is to foster connections while also providing followers with pertinent information about these powerful medicines’ various implementations and benefits. Cultural content influenced by the world of psychedelics will also feature strongly on Funga. Art, film, design, music, and architecture are some of these areas that are explored as part of the mission for our community.


Plant medicine has been a huge blessing in my life, and I wholeheartedly believe it can be for many others as well. I am not speaking as an authority figure but as someone who has felt the power of these plants and wants to aid in breaking barriers and furthering the conversation. Everything is within us. We must have faith in nature and the earth because it has innate knowledge to heal and cure us. This was the original medicine.