“Seeking the Magic Mushroom.”

– R. Gordon Wasson


The decision for us to create something together started a few months ago while traveling in Japan, and now the day has finally arrived. With this cover article, Funga proudly presents its first-ever product collaboration with Peach Socks – beautiful red sheer socks with light beige dots all over it, inspired by the magnificent and legendary Amanita Muscaria (aka the Fly Agaric).

Peach Socks is an independent brand born in New York City, now based in Mexico City, founded by the loveliest Cynthia Aspra. The brand considers itself a slow fashion brand, creating very few styles and pieces each year. Peach has a wonderfully curated design roster that I feel beyond proud to have contributed towards besides being endlessly grateful to have gone through this process with such a good friend.

Click here to buy our socks online or visit the PCH Store in CDMX.

Cynthia Aspra (founder of Pch Socks) and Milana Traun (founder of Funga) during the campaign shoot in Valle de Bravo, Mexico

From Alice In Wonderland to Mario Bros and the legend of Santa Claus, famous, enchanting, and highly toxic, the Fly Agaric is widely encountered in popular culture and is known to be the home of fairies and magical creatures.

Peach Socks and Funga decided to base this collaboration on the Fly Agaric because it is the world’s most iconic mushroom species and has a rich history and symbolism attached to it, which we wanted to be a part of.



Amanita muscaria is a species of fungi found in temperate forests worldwide, usually in association with birch and pine trees. 

The fly agaric may have been the earliest source of entheogens, that is, hallucinogenic substances used for religious or shamanic purposes, and has been put forward as the most likely candidate for the mysterious Soma, mentioned in around 150 hymns of the Hindu Rig-Veda, which was written between 1500 – 500 BC.



We traveled to Valle de Bravo in Mexico for our campaign video and pictures. Mauricio Guerrero, Cyn´s husband, took all the wonderful images below, and our release film was shot and produced by Jonty Willment-Knowles (co-founder of Arkhouse). A very special thank you also to Alex Gutierrez for his creative input and, without whom this all would not be possible.

I also want to extend my deepest gratitude towards Ignacio Ferrarazzo for composing the beautiful music especially for us.


Pch Socks x Funga