Funga has decided to highlight Parsley Health because they advertise fixing the root cause of health concerns. This is precisely what psychedelics and all other healing plants achieve in the body. Unfortunately, we are surrounded by medications pushed by Pharma that are more shortsighted. I believe one of the biggest problems of our society is that we choose the quick, numbing fix over taking the time to figure out the true origin of our pain.


Parley Health New York Flagship


“Parsley Health uses a holistic approach to medicine to get the full picture of your health and prescribe a plan for long-term healing.” They offer treatments for Autoimmune & Inflammation issues, Digestive Issues, Unwell & Undiagnosed, Hormonal Health, Mental Wellbeing and Fertility, Pregnancy & Postpartum.

Operating out of clinics in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, Parsley Health is an annual membership service ($150 a month) that offers patients a 360-degree approach to health through a team of traditionally trained doctors who specialize in functional medicine, applying East-meets-West philosophies for hyper-individualized treatments. (read more here


Parsley Health NY


On their website, they share their healthcare steps:


  • We dedicate time to understanding your genetics, history, lifestyle, and goals. Combined with advanced diagnostic testing other doctors don’t run, you get in-depth information about your health and body.
  • We treat the root cause. Applying the best tools and techniques of conventional medicine alongside lifestyle changes, nutrition, and supplements—we target the drivers of disease.
  • We stay by your side. Via 10 annual check-ins with your doctor and health coach and unlimited messaging throughout your membership, you get support year-round.
  • Parsley Health is a team effort. By partnering with our members, more than 80% of people see an improvement in their symptoms within the first year.


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