I wanted to highlight the AI-generated “mushroom installations” below by Anna Cwik.

Although I would rather they were real installations, they are a beautiful idea and are unquestionably inspiring works to many. I have added a text below that I came across on and really enjoyed.


“Anna’s exploration with AI image generation masterfully captures the allure of these larger-than-life organic structures.

By marrying the familiar with the alien, Anna’s work beckons us into a world that sits on the threshold of reality and the fantastic.

The way Anna plays with anthropomorphism is a testament to the power of imagination.

It reminds us that creativity is not just about inventing new ideas, but also about recontextualizing the ordinary into the extraordinary.

As we wander through this glowing forest of surreal fungi, we’re invited to reflect on our relationship with the natural world and the technology that increasingly mediates it.

This piece exemplifies the importance of allowing your creative process to remain fluid, to find beauty in the transient and the ephemeral.

And in a world where we are so often fixated on the monumental and permanent, this is a refreshing perspective to embrace in our own creative journeys.”


“The experimental investigation of anthropomorphism(s) depicts hybrid characters alongside speculative devices, spaces, and atmospheres. Each actor, disregarding human or non-human, originates from the same curated algorithmic process.” – @annacwikstudio