“What could have killed me, gave me a whole new life.”

– Gisele Bündchen


In the video below, Rich Roll sits with supermodel, philanthropist, and wellness advocate Gisele Bündchen to talk about her life philosophies, career, environmental activism, and more. She has a beautiful and approachable way of speaking about well-being concepts that I think are very important to share and are a good starting place for anyone interested in creating healthy habits. I especially resonated with her when she said that if you do what you’ve always done, you are going to get what you’ve always gotten. She reminds us that everyone is responsible for their reality through the choices we make each day, not only in relation to how we nourish ourselves but also through the thoughts and energies we allow in.

In this episode, she shares some thoughts about humbleness, raising children, nature, and our place within. Gisele is also a vocal advocate for environmental sustainability and conscious living. She understands the profound interconnectedness between personal health and the health of the planet, and she uses her platform to promote eco-friendly practices and raise awareness about environmental issues. Above all, I love her words on living life with gratitude, which I believe to be the foundation for a happy life. I recommend you giving it a watch!



“Love is my religion and nature is my church”