In late November 2023, I went to one of the most special places and hotels I have ever stayed – Mira Earth Studios in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico. Spearheaded by Nick Kendall in collaboration with Nicaraguan architect Juniette Bermudez, Mira is a project that’s still in progress but already offers an unforgettable experience.



What impressed me the most were the intricacies of the studio. Each morning, a basket filled with fresh juice, pastries, local cheese, and eggs for guests was delivered to the room. The lovely kitchen was stocked with teas, snacks, and ready-made cocktails. Inside the studio, you’ll discover the most comfortable bed, a cozy private jacuzzi outside each studio, and a projector. Frankly, I could imagine living here forever!



Every morning, I sat on the beautiful rocks the studio is built on to meditate and do yoga before exploring Valle de Guadalupe and the hotelĀ“s surroundings.



I fell in love with Baja a year earlier while visiting Mar de Cortes. It was the first time I had ever been to Valle de Guadalupe, and with full conviction, I’m telling you, it was one of the most wonderful places I’ve been to. Valle is close to the ocean and the desert, creating the most unique and special energy. You will find palm trees, cacti, and olive trees all along the same stretch of land and a wonderful climate almost year-round. Renowned for its exceptional culinary scene, Valle is the home of some of Latin America’s most incredible restaurants and countless vineyards.


Fauna Restaurant, The Best Restaurant in Mexico 2023


I went right after a psychedelic therapy, which made me appreciate even more the quality of this place and the peacefulness. I had perfect days of integration and couldn’t recommend Valle and, especially, Mira Earth Studios, more. It’s an ideal sanctuary to unwind, realign, and simply enjoy.


Mira Earth Studios


Leaving Valle …