“We strive to deliver on the therapeutic potential of psychedelics and other novel compounds to address unmet patient needs in the fields of psychiatry, addiction, pain, and neurology.”


Mind Medicine Inc., also known as MindMed, is a New York-based psychedelic medicine biotech company that develops psychedelic-inspired medicines known as psychoplastogens and therapies to address addiction and mental illness. It was the first psychedelic company to go public on the NASDAQ.



“MindMed was founded in May 2019 by Jamon A. Rahn, an entrepreneur, Y-Combinator alumnus, and former Uber executive, and Stephen Hurst, a 35-year veteran of the pharmaceutical industry. Rahn, who was interested in the Silicon Valley trend of psychedelic microdosing to improve focus after struggling with his own mental health and addiction issues, spent two years researching the therapeutic potential of psychedelics prior to meeting Hurst.

MindMed initially focused on developing treatments for opioid withdrawal and opioid use disorder with 18-MC, a non-hallucinogenic molecule based on the psychedelic substance Ibogaine.”


Rob Barrow, MindMed CEO

Mind Medicine Inc. has announced an agreement with Catalent to use its Zydis orally disintegrating tablet technology to develop a new psychedelic-based anxiety treatment, according to a company press release. (read more here)

Click here to find the full list of all Clinical Trials that MindMed is currently undertaking. There is also an opportunity to participate through a registry.


Below, you can watch an interview with Rob Barrow, CEO of MindMed, providing background on the company’s use of psychedelic treatments and its developmental pipeline, highlighting the near-term priorities and plans: