“Microdosing may be a new concept for our modern world, but the intentional use of psychedelics goes back thousands of years. In fact, throughout human history, people have used psychedelic substances as tools to connect with the earth, with themselves, and with the divine.”

– Paul F. Austin


Mastering Microdosing: How to Use Sub-Perceptual Psychedelics to Heal Trauma, Improve Performance, and Transform Your Life is a book written by Paul F. Austin, a prominent voice within the psychedelics industry and founder of the Third Wave.

Austin proposes that there have been three distinct periods (which he refers to as “waves”) where psychedelics have been utilized in history. “The First Wave orients around the ancient use of these sacraments. The Second Wave came about with the countercultural movements in the 1950s and ’60s. The Third Wave of psychedelics is built upon a unique approach: microdosing.”



I have been reading a lot about microdosing, as I agree with Austin that this is very present and sought after in our time. If this interests you or you want to delve deeper into it, Mastering Microdosing is definitely the place to start.

Austin walks the reader through everything from setting intentions and the effects of microdosing in the brain to the changing legal landscape of microdosing, sourcing, and benefits and risks. Furthermore, “Paul weaves together research and anecdotes to show the positive impact of psychedelics on general wellbeing, particularly in the daily lives of leaders, creatives, and healers.” I highly recommend this very detailed and curated piece of work. You will end up very much the wiser.