“Like one candle lighting another, the light only continues to grow. Everyone wins and eventually bright little candles pop up all around the world, all communicating in their own language. The language that requires no words.” 




Leo Max is a hypnosis practitioner specializing in combining healing for mind, body, and spirit in a deep & safe setting.

He received his certifications from the Introspective Hypnosis training, which led him to weave many other forms of healing into the sessions with hypnosis to create even more impactful outcomes.

Leo believes anything done while in a trance multiplies the healing effects because you are directly tapped into the subconscious mainframe where all our core patterns are stored. (text from Leo Max)


I discovered Leo Max through a pilates platform – Tasha Franken – I like to use. He is my absolute favorite guided meditation teacher and can put me into the most relaxed state due to his hypnosis technique. Below I have added a free meditation he has on Youtube. You can find more free Leo Max meditations on InsightTimer. You’re welcome!