A Green Flash, taken by my friend @martajaku

“The green flash is an optical phenomenon that you can see shortly after sunset or before sunrise. It happens when the sun is almost entirely below the horizon, with the barest edge of the sun – the upper edge – still visible. For a second or two, that upper rim of the sun will appear green in color, sometimes blue.”



Ibiza.. An island I have returned to every summer since I was 18 and a place indescribably close to my heart. I have encountered some of the most magical and confronting moments there, but always leave with a wonderful memory and excitement to go back.


Es Vedrà


Apart from Ibiza being known for its wild nightlife, it is also the place of many mysteries and legends. In the above pictures, you can see different angles of the famous rock Es Vedrà. “The area around Es Vedrà exudes a magnetic field so powerful that some claim it is the third most magnetic spot in the world after the North Pole and Bermuda Triangle.”

Besides that, Es Vedrà´s energy may apparently be able to attract aliens, disrupt boat´s compasses and could even be a lost part of Atlantis. Mermaids and other magical creatures allegedly live close to this rock and “it is also said that Es Vedrà is the birthplace of the goddess Tanit, goddess of fertility and births.”



Every time I visit the island, I make sure to include some wholesome activities like some beautiful hikes all around the island. One of my favorites is the Atlantis hike, as shown in the pictures below.



Another one I love is in the north west of the island. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the exact starting point or name, but I still have some pictures to share.



“Alternative people have been coming to Ibiza since the 1920s. Painters and artists, beatniks and hippies. There’s a special vibe to the island: It’s a female island, after all. It’s full of beautiful, alluring women, and they’ve been there the days of Homer and the Iliad.” (Sam Cutler, author and former roadie for The Rolling Stones) 


Ibiza Bohemia

Vicente Ganesha in his element

The North of the Island


I could go on forever but will leave you with this quote:

“You can’t explain Ibiza. You either feel it or you don’t, and it´s not for everybody. Ibiza forces you to release your grip. People who come with too much of a plan – maybe it doesn’t work out for them.” (Bobby Dekeyser, founder, Dedon) 


The last sunset at Experimental Beach Club