Below is another classic Russell Brand rant on why psychedelics are misunderstood in our culture. This video is about a new trial focusing on MDMA for PTSD and goes into a detailed explanation. I always enjoy watching Russell speak about topics he is passionate about since his wacky demeanor makes what he is saying very memorable to the viewer besides being very accurate.



“What I learned from this story is that between the government, the pharmaceutical industry, and the media, attitudes are created that are not beneficial to ordinary people. Problems are created to generate profit, truth is ignored and even suppressed to continue to create profit. The well-being and welfare of ordinary people are seldom a priority when it comes to making policy. This story has so much in it. The upshot is that MDMA responsibly used could be good for mental health (that seems to be scientifically proven), governments are slow to respond to truths, and media carry false narratives forward in order to continue to repress truth and benefit certain institutions.

More than ever, we see again and again that if you want to understand reality, you have to draw information from a variety of sources, do your own research, stay awake and open, and don’t trust the media.”