This month, our spotlight shines brightly on Giuliana Furci. It’s a privilege to have had the opportunity to interview the visionary for whom I have the name of my platform to thank, among her many other remarkable achievements. Dive into the article below to discover more about her extraordinary contributions. Don’t miss our featured article of the month, which highlights her latest short film, “Flora, Fauna, FUNGA,” and explore the groundbreaking work of the Fungi Foundation – the world’s first nonprofit organization devoted entirely to fungi.

As the world grapples with the urgent challenges of climate change, habitat destruction, and biodiversity loss, the work of individuals like Giuliana Furci serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of scientific research, conservation, and environmental stewardship. Through her passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to the study of mushrooms, Furci continues to inspire hope and catalyze positive change, ensuring that the extraordinary diversity of fungi on Earth is preserved for generations to come.



In the intricate world of mycology, where fungi hold sway over ecosystems and human imagination alike, one name stands out as a beacon of passion, dedication, and expertise: Giuliana Furci. Renowned for her pioneering work in the field of mycology, Furci has dedicated her life to unraveling the mysteries of mushrooms, transforming our understanding of these enigmatic organisms and their vital role in ecosystems and human culture.

Born and raised in Santiago, Chile, Furci’s fascination with the natural world was ignited at a young age by her explorations of the forests, mountains, and coastlines of her native country. It was during her academic studies in biology at the University of Chile that she first encountered the captivating world of fungi—a chance encounter that would shape her future path and ignite a lifelong passion for mycology.



Driven by a thirst for knowledge and a deep appreciation for the beauty and diversity of mushrooms, Furci embarked on a journey of discovery that would take her to the far corners of Chile and beyond. Through extensive fieldwork, collaboration with fellow scientists, and tireless advocacy for fungal conservation, she has become one of the world’s leading experts in mycology, with a particular focus on the diverse fungal species found in Chilean ecosystems.

In 2014, Furci founded the nonprofit organization “Fundación Fungi,” with the mission of promoting the study and conservation of fungi in Chile. Through Fundación Fungi, she has spearheaded numerous research projects, expeditions, and educational initiatives aimed at raising awareness about the importance of fungi and their often-overlooked ecological roles.

One of Furci’s most notable achievements is her pioneering work in documenting the biodiversity of mushrooms in Chile. Through her research efforts, she has discovered and described dozens of new species of fungi, expanding our knowledge of Chile’s rich fungal heritage and highlighting the urgent need for conservation efforts to protect these unique organisms and the ecosystems they inhabit.

In addition to her scientific research, Furci is also a passionate advocate for science communication and environmental education. Through her popular social media channels, public talks, and outreach efforts, she has inspired thousands of people around the world to appreciate the beauty and importance of fungi, fostering a new generation of mycologists and environmental stewards.

Furci’s tireless dedication to the study and conservation of mushrooms has earned her numerous accolades and awards, including the prestigious Rolex Award for Enterprise in 2019, which recognized her innovative approach to fungal conservation in Chile. Despite facing numerous challenges and obstacles along the way, she remains steadfast in her commitment to protecting the natural world and promoting the importance of fungal biodiversity.



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