I want to highlight Fallingwater, built for the Kaufmann family between 1936 and 1939 in Mill Run, Pennsylvania by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The reason is that “he believed architecture should enhance human’s relationship with nature, that it should blur the line between interior and exterior space, replicate the natural shifting forms of the natural world, mimic its materials and colors, and seamlessly blend into the natural landscape.” The house sits on 5,000 acres of the Bear Run Nature Preserve and makes you feel like you are living inside the forest, with a constant background noise of running water. I can’t think of anything more peaceful.


The Kaufmann family


Shortly after the family entrusted the property to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy in 1963, Fallingwater became a museum and still supports visitors today. Since it was built, over 6.3 million people have visited the house.





Fallingwater is one of Wright’s most recognizable buildings. Its place in history extends beyond architecture, and depictions of the famed structure can be seen in movies, television, and even video games. It is one of the most important buildings in American architectural history and was considered by Time Magazine as Wright’s “most beautiful job.”