by Michael Issac Stein

DoubleBlind is a biannual print magazine and psychedelic media company founded by Shelby Hartman and Madison Margolin in 2019. Focused on how the industry can engage in sacred reciprocity and ethical psychedelic therapies, DoubleBlind is a for-profit company working on becoming a fully licensed certified B corporation. The platform also hosts several webinars, with guests such as Paul Stamets, and offers educational programming, including courses such as How To Grow Mushrooms.


DoubleBlind founders Shelby Hartman and Madison Margolin. © GEORGIA LOVE


“Both deeply passionate about long-form storytelling as well as beautiful photography and art, Shelby & Madison want to use the conversations which begin in the magazine as a catalyst for community building and healing. They’re already seeing that their readers are excited to connect with one another and to them, so they are providing opportunities to do that in the real world.” (read an interview with Shelby and Madison here)




I want to highlight DoubleBlind because it is a great and easy way to stay on top of current happenings within the psychedelic sphere and always provides very interesting and thought-provoking articles. One of my favourites was Why the “Psychedelic Renaissance” is just Colonialism by Another Name. They also have shorter, very relevant articles such as Best Mushrooms for Energy and The Heroic Dose: Navigating Powerful Mushroom Journeys. And also include fun, lighter ones such as The Best Psychedelic Songs of All Time and 57 Greatest Psychedelic Quotes Celebrating Science, Spirit—and A Little Mischief .

Furthermore, as this edition of Funga introduces James Fadiman and revolves very much around Microdosing, I wanted to include an actual course that I trust is done with the correct information and intention. DoubleBlind has launched a new and improved online Microdosing Course, which features a live support group session with a DoubleBlind-approved microdosing coach, a recording with the father of microdosing Dr. James Fadiman, and prompts and tips for 30 days to help you stay on track.

Funga´s aim is to feature such courses on the platform one day, but in the meantime, I am very happy to share other resources, such as DoubleBlind, that I believe can help.


Below you can listen to a podcast with the founders, Shelby Hartman and Madison Margolin, on Business Trip. They discuss many interesting points about the current psychedelic industry and share the philosophy of their company: