This documentary portrays rural Mexico and its resistance to modernization, its daily work, and the preservation of its cultural identity. It is a tribute to the human being and those fighting to preserve their cultural identity. (Film In Latino)



GODS OF MEXICO is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen. With visually stunning landscapes and immersive sound, the filmmaker Helmut Dosantos takes viewers through salt pans, deserts, highlands, jungles, and underground mines. The documentary is a purely visual one that is divided into three parts. The middle part, my favorite, is a carousel of the most incredibly constructed stills in black and white (as seen in the image above). Dosantos traveled throughout Mexico for many years to capture all the different content. Funga has highlighted Dioses de Mexico because the images one is confronted with are truly magical and completely surreal. Parts of the documentary evoke the memory of dream worlds. It also highlights the beauty of mundane things, which is something that psychedelics are also able to do. It is a masterpiece and a reminder that it is still possible to live in tune with our essence as human beings.