For my birthday last year, I was taken deep within the verdant jungle of the Yucatan Peninsula to Coqui Coqui in Coba. The residency lies at the heart of one of the most important archaeological sites associated with ancient Mayan civilization. (read more here)



I have no words to describe the beauty and detail I experienced in this place.Every room is slightly different but has been curated with the Coqui Coqui signature style. You will find perfectly designed spaces with earth-colored furniture, hand-crafted hammocks, and stone baths. The most spectacular part is the surrounding nature and the sounds of the jungle that emerge once the sun has set. I can not think of a better place to hide away and have a special adventure.



Coqui Coqui was founded by the couple, Nicolas Malleville and Francesca Bonato in 2003.

The first boutique hotel was located in Tulum. In addition to the two smaller properties that followed in VALLADOLID and COBA, in September 2011, the couple turned a turn-of-the-century building in MÉRIDA’s historical center into another Coqui Coqui guest house which stands next door to the second Perfumeria after its flagship sibling in Valladolid. (read more here)

Malleville, a contemporary landscape architect and perfumer, concocts fresh, original fragrances at Coqui Coqui Perfumeria. The hotel in Coba also houses a perfumery, complete with its exclusive collection of perfumes and fragrances. Their line of handmade oils, creams, and fragrances are included for guests. At check-in, you can choose the best scent you like, which is then defused into your room. It is a 360 sensory experience!



Have a look at (and maybe book) all the beautiful residencies Coqui Coqui has here. I can’t wait to explore more of them!