At the beginning of April, I had the immense honor of hosting a Funga Event at Casa Pedregal in Mexico City. I could not have imagined a more special way to end my three-year chapter in Mexico, surrounded by so many friends and curious souls at this iconic Barragán house.

Above and below picture taken by @santiagoarau


The evening started with a sound healing meditation guided by Anna Pao Cova, followed by our panel discussion –

Unlocking Nature’s Wisdom: A Deep Exploration into the Healing Power of Psychedelics and Integration Practices

Guests learned about therapeutic frameworks, cultural perspectives, responsible practices surrounding the use of these natural substances and how to integrate these experiences into your life in the long-term.

The panelists, each with their unique journey, guided guests through the realms of consciousness expansion, the profound connection between humans and nature and took us on a journey into the world of psychedelic exploration and its potential for healing and self-discovery.


Dr. Joyce Braverman (left), Funga (middle), Anna Pao Cova (right). Picture by @lludus


I had worked with Dr. Joyce Braverman and Anna Pao Cova (an integration coach and yoga therapist) on my own healing journey a few months prior. To learn more about what they do and how they helped me read Down The Rabbit Hole. Since that experience, my biggest wish was to have them both speak at a Funga panel and share all the wisdom that had greatly benefited my life. Johann, my incredible mycologist, who lives and breathes mushrooms, also joined us and said a few words during the panel. I admire his deep passion for fungi incredibly; he is so wise and has been a huge teacher to me. I always describe him as a mushroom personified and it added so much to have him there.

Funga serves as a channel to showcase alternative healing modalities that I firmly believe offer profound efficacy in addressing the underlying causes of suffering. It provides a platform where luminaries like Dr. Joyce Braverman and Anna Pao Cova can impart their wisdom, introducing the paths to holistic well-being. Being the bridge between transformative healers and those seeking solace is a great purpose of mine and hopefully, results in a wider community committed to holistic healing and growth.