I visited Casa Amada a few weeks ago and was very enchanted by it. It is a beautiful little casita located on a large piece of land on the road to the Ocotitlán Valley, right outside the center of Tepoztlán, one of the preferred spots to practice magic and mysticism in Mexico.



“Tepoztlan is a sacred town. The latter is easy to see, even for those who aren’t aware of its vast mystical traditions. Secrets spring from its mountain ranges, justifying perhaps their hypnotic hold, leading its visitors into inevitable contemplation. There is also something about its weather, its environment, which embraces a particular atmosphere, which represents a millenary culture, its lineage.

Tepoztlan’s enrapturing geology is partly a result of its geographical location, in the center of what is commonly called a transition zone, where the Trans-volcanic belt and the Balsas Depression meet. Additionally, it lies on the border between two biogeographical areas, the Tropical Neoartic Zone (which extends all the way to Canada) and the Neotropical Zone, which begins in Central America.” (see more here)



Casa Amada “seeks to be a place of retirement, immersed in a calm and relaxed environment, where tones, textures, and aromas pay homage to the slow life of the countryside.”

We understand slow living as the path towards a more present and simple life, in which we value the most basic aspects of everyday life; wake up with the ones you love the most, read a book in the morning, enjoy the silence, or feel the warmth of the sun on your skin.



It is perfect for a weekend getaway or a place for psychedelic exploration. I couldn’t recommend it more.

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