An essential aspect of Funga is to bridge the gap between people seeking alternative medicine and facilities & healers that can provide this legally and, above all, safely. As this month’s central figure is Amanda Fielding, Funga wants to highlight the Beckley Foundation’s retreats held in Jamaica.


As part of the Beckley ecosystem, Beckley Retreats is proud to build on the work of its co-founder, Amanda Feilding. Dubbed the “Queen of Psychedelics” by Forbes, Amanda founded the Beckley Foundation in 1998—a think tank and NGO dedicated to furthering psychedelic research and advocating for policy reform. At Retreats, we’re bridging the latest scientific research with ancient wisdom traditions in order to create the richest possible experience for participants. (from the Beckley Retreats website)


The retreat is held in Jamaica, where psilocybin mushrooms are legal, and in a secure retreat center where the group in question is the sole occupant of the property. There are professionally licensed physicians, psychologists, and psychotherapists on site, as well as a 24/7 on-call doctor and urgent care facility if needed. The program consists of a 4-week virtual preparation, a 5-night retreat in Jamaica where two psilocybin ceremonies are held, and a 6-week integration virtual program to follow the experience.


“Our integration program includes weekly group sessions, short daily practices, and science-backed techniques to help you sustain and integrate your retreat experience. Participants appreciate fostering an ongoing connection with their retreat group.” (read more about the program)


If interested, you can contact Beckley Retreats directly here.

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