As this edition of Funga is very focused on Lady Amanda Feilding and all her contributions to the field of psychedelic reform, we also want to highlight the Beckley Psytech. This company was born out of the Beckley Foundation and was founded by Amanda Feilding and her son, Cosmo Feilding Mellen.

¨We are a drug development platform, focused on developing psychedelic drugs for neurological and psychiatric disorders for patients in need.¨– Cosmo Feilding-Mellen



“Beckley Psytech is building off the foundation´s early work and taking the early stage pieces of research that now have reached a critical mass and are ready to increase the scale of ambition and investment and take these substances through the full-blown pharmaceutical drug development process to become licensed pharmaceuticals for patients.” – Cosmo Feilding-Mellen

Beckley is focusing on areas not being looked at elsewhere and where a clear unmet clinical need exists. They are looking at known psychedelics, but the currently under-researched ones with some clear clinical differentiations from the first-generation psychedelics (LSD and psilocybin). Beckley Psytech is mainly looking at 5-MeO-DMT, a very short-acting psychedelic compound. While there have been many anecdotes and observational studies on its effects and its potential therapeutic use, there has been no clinical data done on it before Beckley Psytech conducted the first clinical trial using 5-MeO-DMT earlier this year.

Beckley Psytech is a private company focusing on building as much value as possible before going public. Their main objective is to develop pharmaceutical medicines that are truly transformational for patients in need. Mental health is the most significant disease globally; 1 in 4 people globally suffers from neurological or psychiatric disorders. Psychedelics are showing potential to be a transformative treatment and a new class of medicine for these diseases. The goal is to take the Beckley Foundation’s early-stage research that they have been working on for the last 20 years and bring that through to becoming licensed pharmaceutical medicines.


Listen to the below-linked podcast with Cosmo Feilding-Mellen to hear about his path into psychedelic research and more about Beckley Psytech. It is not too long and is very well articulated: