For the first edition, Funga collaborated with the magical Sophie Arkana to introduce the practice of Kundalini yoga, followed by a kriya for you to practice at home. 

Kundalini was chosen as the opening post because it is the yoga practice most closely related to a psychedelic experience – without actually getting high! You can utilize it daily, giving you the sensations and clarity of a good trip. Plus, it is a fantastic way to release stagnant, pent-up energy. I apologize for the sound quality during the kriya, but it is an incredible flow, even if imperfect.

Sophie explains in her introduction video that Kundalini is an ancient technology that originated in the Himalayas and was kept a secret until Yogi Bhajan left the Himalayas in the 1960s and popularised this knowledge in the West. 

It is known as the yoga of transformation because we work with all of the ten bodies in the Kundalini philosophy. We have more than just the physical body; we have the mental, the emotional, the etheric, the pranic, and the subtle, to name a few. 


Introduction to Kundalini Yoga: 


Sophie shares that when we practice Kundalini, we take a sequence of movements known as kriyas. Kriya is a cleansing action or technique that transforms energies by focusing on the spine. Kundalini energy is believed to reside at the base of the spine and is said to be dormant. This energy is our creative, cosmic, infinitive life force energy which we all possess, and as we take these practices, it allows us to draw that energy up. 

Trust me you want to try this! You’ll finish the practice feeling much clarity and energised.


Kriya for the Pituitary Gland: 

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