Below, Funga has added an introductory video to DMT Breathwork (otherwise known as Holotropic Breathwork or Psychedelic Breathwork). How we breathe is the most important thing for our health and well-being. Good muscle and respiratory health are the keys to longevity.

DMT breathingĀ is essentially an intense form of mindfulness or meditation. It uses the breath to create a relaxed internal state, which allows you to pull your focus inward and quiet the mind.

It is important to incorporate Breathwork into one’s everyday routine, however intense you want to make it. Conscious breathing has countless benefits, such as:

  • stress reduction
  • pain relief
  • energy increase
  • improvement of immunity
  • stimulates blood flow
  • increase of oxygen in the body
  • speeds up metabolism

The video below is a more intense form of Breathwork, which I do not recommend if you have any health conditions or are pregnant. If done correctly, it will give you a taste of how quickly breath can alter your state of consciousness. I especially like it because it holds me very firmly in the present moment.