I was born and raised in Austria. After graduating with a Theology degree from Durham University, UK, I began my career in New York City for an industry-leading creative agency.

I have always been an avid practitioner of yoga and meditation, which led me to develop a deep interest in holistic health care. My curiosity about psychedelics began in my early twenties as I learned first-hand the life-changing impact that such medicine can have. A year after the pandemic, I moved to Mexico City. It was here that I realised that there was no attractive digital space where people of the new generations could have access to information on educational, scientific, and artistic topics related to the world of psychedelics. All sites I came across lacked the content curation I was seeking or visual language that appeals to me.

This is how I decided to create Funga. My personal digital platform, as a tool to be able to share conversations, culture, projects, education, products, and a directory for people working with medicinal plants or who have a passion for it and want to learn more.


  • Milana Abensperg und Traun